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Mayland is part of the 58-campus North Carolina Community College System, and we partner with area colleges and universities to offer transfer options to our students. We also operate satellite campuses in Newland (Avery County) and Burnsville (Yancey County). 


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The Division of Instructional Services at Mayland Community College is committed to providing quality educational experiences for students and the communities we serve. Our instructors use the latest technologies to open doors for learning and giving students options on when and where they want to study. Our programs give hands-on experiences to students, preparing them for success in the workplace or for transfer to another college or university.

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Health Careers

Nursing & Medical Assisting

Demand for jobs in healthcare industries is strong, and you can work in a variety of facilities after completing your education and licensure (if necessary).

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Associate Degree Nursing
Nursing Assistant &
Medical Assisting
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Attending MCC is affordable!

Attending college can be a big financial commitment. You have to pay tuition, for books and supplies, food, transportation, and other expenses. It can add up quickly.

 Mayland Community College is an excellent value when compared to 4-year colleges and universities.

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Mayland Community College's Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students with the costs of attending college. Scholarships, grants, part-time work, and childcare are a few types of aid available to qualified students. There is an application process for financial aid. We encourage all students to apply for financial assistance.

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Baisic Law Enforcement Training

Mayland Community College's Basic Law Enforcement Training program provides the training required of anyone serving as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina

Curriculum Description

This course is designed to equip with the basic skills, knowledge and ability to function as an inexperienced law enforcement officer in the State of North Carolina. This class is a pre-requisite for law enforcement officer certification in this State. The total numbers of course hours required for this certification are set by the NC Criminal Justice Commission.

Mayland COmmunity College currently offers a night BLET course. The class meets from 6pm until 10 or 11 pm for approximately nine months. Classes will meet some weekends to accommodate the appropriate day and night required classes.

To enroll in the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program, a completed application packet must be submitted to the School Director. The packet includes the following:

  • Mayland Community College Basic Law Enforcement Training Application
  • A letter of Sponsorship from a North Carolina law enforcement agency


    The sponsorship may be revoked by the Sponsoring Agency at any time at the Agency's discretion. If a sponsorship is revoked, the Cadet will be dismissed from the program.
  • Completed F-3 Personal History Statement
  • Completed physical examination with drug screen - all medical forms are provided in the APplication packet. These forms must be completed in full and signed by physician and applicant.
  • Notarized criminal history check from every location the applicant has lived since sixteen (16) years of age.
  • Certified copy of North Carolina driving history - obtained from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Copies of the following documents:
    Valid NC driver's license
    Social Security Card
    High school diploma/GED®
    College and/or University transcripts and diplomas
    Military discharge papers (if applicable)
  • All applicants must take a reading exam administered thru the Adult Education Department. You mus score at least a tenth (10th) grade level.

Cadets admitted to the Program will purchase:

  1. Training Academy Uniforms:
  2. BLET shirts - available in College bookstore
  3. Black BDU-type pants
  4. Black boots
  5. Physical training attire - including good athletic shoes (PT attire, with the exception of shoes, available in college bookstore.

Required Books and Equipment:

  • Cadets registered to the Program will pay a $100.00 student fee and purchase student insurance at a cost of $1.30.
  • Application packets which include the program application, medical forms and checklist of items to be returned can be obtained from the following:
  • Mark McWilliams 828-766-1338
  • Pam Wiseman 828-766-1337
  • Steve Clawson 828-766-1339


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